A highly qualified team anchors our Group, enabling its goal of providing the highest quality developments. Equipped with technical expertise, knowledge and decades of cross functional experience - our team works collaboratively to foster long term strategies, client relationships and conduct day-to-day operations.

Mr. Ashok Vardhan (Managing Director)

Mr. Ashok B. Vardhan holds a Bachelors degree in Commerce from HR College, one of the premier colleges in Mumbai. He joined the Vardhan Group in 1990 and has been a leading light to all ever since, single handedly inspiring the company to its current repute and mark in the industry.

Mr. Ashok B Vardhan believes in creating developments that caters to a full spectrum of needs: right from affordable housing through to luxury segments.

He envisions seeing the Vardhan Group as one of the top real estate companies in India, with innovative developments that hail international standards.

Mr. Rohaan A Vardhan (Director)

son of Mr. Ashok Vardhan, holds a Bachelors degree in Commerce from HR College and is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Business Management from Nottingham University (United Kingdom). Young, brazen and equipped with key leadership skills, he is set to propel the group to greater heights.

Ms. Akanksha A Vardhan (Director)

Daughter of Mr. Ashok Vardhan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Management and a Masters degree in Marketing from the prestigious London School of Economics (United Kingdom). She believes in the position and potential of Vardhan Group as a brand that echoes trust and quality - striving to continue its legacy.

Mr. Sachin Kadam (Vice President)
Mr. Vikas Surya (Director Marketing)
Mr. Mandar Gawde (Chief Accountant)

Industry Experts
1) Hafeez Contractor
2) Skyline Architects
3) MS. Consultant Combined (Mr. Mukesh Bahadur)
4) KNS Architects Pvt. Ltd
5) MS. Barai Architects
6) Vivek Nandan Prasad

Adv. Vatsal Merchant (Kishore Thakordas & Co)
Kanga & Co.
Adv. Sharad Wakchoure.